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"My highlight of the festival"

- Bill Thompson

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09/14/2012 at The Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge



We're back AGAIN for a fourth consecutive year with another EXPLOSIVE collection of low-budget short films to blow your mind off!

Our fearless team is currently working OVERTIME to churn out the kind of questionable content they know their fans DEMAND of them. We expect to have about TWENTY(!) shorts for you this time around. Our production methods being what they are, that number could rise or fall quite dramatically between now and mid-September, but hey, let's not worry about that right now.

The important thing to bear in mind at the moment is TRIDENTFEST 2012 will be happening at the CAMBRIDGE FILM FESTIVAL in SEPTEMBER. So we'll see you all there, right?

The Facebook Event is right here so you can let us know you're coming; or you can tweet at us (use the super-compact #Tridentfest2012 hashtag if you like).