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Allan was involved with:

Screenshot from The Curse Of Ca'u Pek

The Curse Of Ca'u Pek

WARNING: Contains strong language and almost-graphic imagery. We made this for Carl Peck's birthday last year. Carl Peck:

Screenshot from Day Of The Braindead

Day Of The Braindead

A trip to the library goes annoyingly awry... Written, shot and edited in a month for Tridentfest 2. In actual fact I ended up shooting, editing and doing the sound for it in just 4 days - right up until the actual screening! I'm still piecing my mind back together after that. In the time since then I have tweaked it a bit, and made it slightly shorter. And there are now super duper credits on the end drawn by the magnificent Carl Peck: Massive thanks to the awesome bunch of people who were involved in this film!

Screenshot from Nope


A documentary following Chris, a projectionist with an unsettling hobby.