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Carl was involved with:

Screenshot from The Purple Fiend

The Purple Fiend

Get the special edition, including cast & crew commentary and a 30 minute documentary!

Screenshot from Feature Title Reveal

Feature Title Reveal

Screenshot from BUCCANEARLY!


Eye-patches, treasure maps, cutlasses, and enough pieces-of-eight to keep everyone in icecream for years! It's just your usual family day at the beach.

Screenshot from Xidus Pain - One of the Flyest

Xidus Pain - One of the Flyest

The future of Hip Hop rests on his shoulders. It's time for Xidus Pain to get HEAVY!

Screenshot from Here Comes The Light

Here Comes The Light

When everyone has lost hope two good friends keep searching for the only thing that can set them free. This film was made for the London Sci-fi Film Festival 48 hour filmmaking competition. See the making-of here.

Screenshot from That's Messed Up

That's Messed Up

A messy short from Tridentfest 2012 - something of a return to our fleshy roots.

Screenshot from Teaching Simon To Skate

Teaching Simon To Skate

Simon decided he wanted to learn to skateboard. Ryd decided he wanted to teach him. This video is a superfun documentary of the events that followed.

Screenshot from Devrin Comes To Play

Devrin Comes To Play

Alistair's birthday takes a turn for the worse when Devrin comes to play.

Screenshot from Andy Needs His Milk

Andy Needs His Milk

When Xander Popplescotch discovers an injured man named Andy lying in the rubbish, he takes him under his wing. But now "Andy" needs his Milk. Inspired by some of the last words uttered by Michael Jackson. Thanks to all the Ladies who willingly participated in the making of this!

Screenshot from TRIDENTFEST 2012 - Double Bill!

TRIDENTFEST 2012 - Double Bill!

10pm Friday November 2nd at the Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge Tickets available here.

Screenshot from Bones


Body painting: Armando Seijo
Make-up and hair: Claire Goulding
Runner and hands-on help: Giulia Scrimieri
Special effects: Carl Peck
Colourist: Andrew Cloke
Thanks to Bob Walton.

Screenshot from Training


Andrzej is training for a special event.

Screenshot from The Verse

The Verse

A music video we made for New Zealand's very loud PROTON BEAST.

Screenshot from Rodger


Thugs, Clowns and a Hotdog....

Screenshot from Tellison - Freud Links the Teeth and the Heart

Tellison - Freud Links the Teeth and the Heart Massive thanks to everyone involved! Especially Ned's Mum and Dad and Lynn at County Drama Wardrobe for coming in on her day off!

Screenshot from Tellison - Edith

Tellison - Edith

We were chuffed when our buddies Tellison asked Project Trident to make them a music video! Masks etc sewn by Helly Westgate and Josie Peck Thanks to: Cambridge bike polo for letting us use their warehouse. Lesley Morgan for the Trophy. Sammy Patterson for letting us use her cat Dolly. And thanks to all our friends for being in the crowd!

Screenshot from TRIDENTFEST 2011 - PROMO 1


Coming in September as part of the Cambridge Film Festival.

Screenshot from HOT HEAD SHOW - PAYLOAD


This right here is a music video Simon Panrucker directed for the song PAYLOAD by HOT HEAD SHOW. HOT HEAD SHOW are about to go on tour with Primus, and are a great band for you to enjoy. Director, Editor, Zebra - Simon Panrucker Director of Photography - Andrzej Sosnowski Game Keeper - Sammy Patterson Lion - Tom Mooring Illustrations - Carl Peck With thanks to Ian Pons Jewell, Gaia Borretti, Jamie Fraser, Debs Reeks, Andy Jenkin, Maria Diaz Montoya.

Screenshot from Doesn't He Know?

Doesn't He Know?

This film was made for SCI-FI LONDON's 48 hour film competition. It was written, shot and edited in two days at a total cost of £3, which we spent on a rather expensive packet of biscuits. On Saturday, April 2nd at 10am, we were given these things to include in our movie: THE TITLE: Doesn’t He Know? A PROP: A plate of 3 or more biscuits; we see a character take one and eat it. A LINE OF DIALOGUE: "because once in your life, whatever they were to the world, they become everything to you" The finished film was returned to The Apollo cinema, London on the morning of April 4th. We didn't get much sleep. In the final, mad hours of post production, my battered brain forgot to add the second page of credits, which should read as follows: MINIATURE DEPARTMENT: Tommy Martin / Carl Peck THANKS: Andy Jenkin / Simon Panrucker / Ryd Cook We didn't win the contest, in fact we didn't even come close, but it was a crazy, wild ride. We learnt a lot, argued less than expected and probably did irreversible damage to our brains through lack of rest. I can't wait to do it all again next year.

Screenshot from Noki


A Sci-fi Rom-com in which our protagonist, Barry receives a fantastic gift from his girlfriend Barbs; a new Laptop. Barry is absolutely over the moon with his new gift, this is where our story begins...

Screenshot from Tridentfest London Trailer

Tridentfest London Trailer

In November 2010, we took the fight to the capital.

Screenshot from Temporary Work

Temporary Work

This one goes out to all the diligent employees.

Screenshot from Breakfast At Googy's

Breakfast At Googy's

The precurser to Carl's mini epic THE PURPLE FIEND. Made for TRIDENTFEST 3.

Screenshot from INHERITANCE (Trailer)


Once upon a time, a group of fools embarked on an epic film project. Years later, all that remains of those months of work is this trailer, a few seconds of film from a movie that will never be.

Screenshot from Behind My Back

Behind My Back

Oh, what a silly song!

Screenshot from THE PURPLE FIEND (teaser)


A sneaky look at Carl's next film THE PURPLE FIEND, an epic action adventure romp spanning the globe. There's twenty minutes left of the year, but will there even be a new one to celebrate?

Screenshot from Day Of The Braindead

Day Of The Braindead

A trip to the library goes annoyingly awry... Written, shot and edited in a month for Tridentfest 2. In actual fact I ended up shooting, editing and doing the sound for it in just 4 days - right up until the actual screening! I'm still piecing my mind back together after that. In the time since then I have tweaked it a bit, and made it slightly shorter. And there are now super duper credits on the end drawn by the magnificent Carl Peck: Massive thanks to the awesome bunch of people who were involved in this film!

Screenshot from Butter Boy

Butter Boy

Third part of the Jack trilogy. Includes not so brief nudity :)

Screenshot from Buss Stup Yo' Ass

Buss Stup Yo' Ass

Second part of the Jack trilogy.

Screenshot from Helping Hand

Helping Hand

The epic music is from film called City of the Dead or Horror Hotel, depending on where you live. It's in the public domain under the creative commons licence and you can stream or download it here;

Screenshot from Casual Friday (Mr Silverface 2)

Casual Friday (Mr Silverface 2)

An office guy is mercilessly chased down by Mr Silverface. But why? WHY?! Oh, no reason really.

Screenshot from The Stranger

The Stranger

Our hero is stalked by a man of lesser class. Another film conceived and filmed in a day! No apologies for the quality of the sound. The music is from a brilliantly terrible 60s movie called "Bloody Pit Of Horror" or "Il Boia Scarlatto" which you can stream from here:

Screenshot from TRIDENTFEST Trailer


Screenshot from KuPlunk


Crank came out. Dobbin fell in love with Jason. Simon was becoming a year older... it was just a matter of time for KuPlunk to be born. So here you go... here's our twisted child. We love it to bits. Organised and filmed in one day. Editing took a few evenings. Love you Simon (bloopers after the credits)

Screenshot from Mr Silverface

Mr Silverface

No home is safe!

Screenshot from Head Of Department

Head Of Department

A scientist begins to regret saving his wife.

Screenshot from Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs

George is a reliable but unpopular accountant whose dull life is changed forever when he makes an unwise meal-time decision. Probably not suitable for minors.