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Devorah was involved with:

Screenshot from The Purple Fiend

The Purple Fiend

Get the special edition, including cast & crew commentary and a 30 minute documentary!

Screenshot from THE PURPLE FIEND (teaser)


A sneaky look at Carl's next film THE PURPLE FIEND, an epic action adventure romp spanning the globe. There's twenty minutes left of the year, but will there even be a new one to celebrate?

Screenshot from Gypsy Tears

Gypsy Tears

Directed, edited and 'acted' by Greg Hilson, Devorah Hall and Ned Wilson Eames for Tridentfest 2. This was filmed in about an hour using my tiny little canon stills camera and a state-of-the-art blu-tac tripod to attach it to the dashboard of Greg's car. The first Tridentfest film to have subtitles; instant arthouse credibility. Enjoy! x

Screenshot from Casual Friday (Mr Silverface 2)

Casual Friday (Mr Silverface 2)

An office guy is mercilessly chased down by Mr Silverface. But why? WHY?! Oh, no reason really.

Screenshot from Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs

George is a reliable but unpopular accountant whose dull life is changed forever when he makes an unwise meal-time decision. Probably not suitable for minors.