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Doesn't He Know?

This film was made for SCI-FI LONDON's 48 hour film competition.

It was written, shot and edited in two days at a total cost of £3, which we spent on a rather expensive packet of biscuits.

On Saturday, April 2nd at 10am, we were given these things to include in our movie:

THE TITLE: Doesn’t He Know?

A PROP: A plate of 3 or more biscuits; we see a character take one and eat it.

A LINE OF DIALOGUE: "because once in your life, whatever they were to the world, they become everything to you"

The finished film was returned to The Apollo cinema, London on the morning of April 4th.

We didn't get much sleep. In the final, mad hours of post production, my battered brain forgot to add the second page of credits, which should read as follows:

MINIATURE DEPARTMENT: Tommy Martin / Carl Peck
THANKS: Andy Jenkin / Simon Panrucker / Ryd Cook

We didn't win the contest, in fact we didn't even come close, but it was a crazy, wild ride. We learnt a lot, argued less than expected and probably did irreversible damage to our brains through lack of rest.

I can't wait to do it all again next year.

Doesn't He Know? is a Project Trident film featuring the talents of: Andrzej Sosnowski / Carl Peck / Christian Lapidge / Sammy Patterson / Temujin Doran / Thom Dobbin / Tom Martin

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