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I Skate to Work Almost Everyday

A visualised poem. Shot on a Canon IXUS 75 (digital stills camera), with the poem in mind. The footage was then edited, I then wrote the poem, and recorded it to the edit.

Music: "Nebula" by TWYMAN Courtesy of Vertical Circle

Mostly inspired by Skyler Buffmyer's work, check out her videos here.

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I skate to work almost everyday.
I like it a lot.
I like skating on the different surfaces,
And watching people's reactions.

Toddlers stare at me like its something they're never seen before.
I wonder if they haven't
Dogs either bark like mad, or have no reaction at all.
Some older people look at me like I've just pissed on their cornflakes.
Car drivers often beep their horn at me, unnecessarily
I imagine chucking my skateboard through their back window.
The way I see it one of the few differences between me and a cyclist, is two wheels.

I like skating in the day and watching my shadow.
I like skating at night and watching my multiple shadows.

I skate to work almost everyday.

I Skate to Work Almost Everyday is a Project Trident film featuring the talents of: Ryd Cook

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